Teapot by Dirt Floor Studios

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9" x 7" x 6"

This classic round-form teapot is unique in its intentionally larger than normal size. It is perfect for serving a group or alternately not having to refill if you're deep in teatime conversation. 

Dirt Floor Studios is the combined studio space and platform for artists Justin and Silene Sutera, located in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. They work together to harvest and prepare the materials they use to make their work directly from their natural surroundings.

Silene Sutera is a soil scientist as well as a potter. She is primarily self-taught, developing a focused selection of functional archetypal forms that meet the needs of daily life. The pots are fired in her customized anagama style wood kiln, using a reduction-cooling technique to achieve their unique surfaces, which range from matte brick reds to iridescent graphite-like greys.