Fiction Notebook and Non Fiction Notebook by Various Projects

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foil embossed paper
5" x 3.5"

Founded by Elizabeth Beer and Brian Janusiak, Various Projects Inc. is a multidisciplinary studio that has built a collaborative model for its creative practice. Activities include object and product development and distribution, clothing and interior design, print design and publication, curatorial adventures and creating retail communities. Various Projects is interested in the beauty of the common and the every day.

Various Projects often utilizes antiquated, obsolete, or under-appreciated forms of manufacturing as a means to create objects which part from fueling the pervasiveness of mass production consumption. These specific methods of creating objects allow them to be imbued with a life and character beyond use. Foil stamping or embossing was once common in the production of paper products, but has fallen out of favor based on changing trends in aesthetics and manufacturing. The texture and slight variation of this technique, which combines impression and metallic foil in lieu of ink, makes each piece feel unique.