Cast Iron Kuro Maru Incense Burner by Kotobuki

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cast iron
3.25" x 3.25" x 1.5"

Nanbu Tekki is a  900-year-old ironware industry that is specific to the Iwate Prefecture of Japan. It is most commonly used to make kettles and teapots, though other functional and decorative objects are also produced using the same casting methods. The most famous foundries still in operation belong to the Iwachu company, founded in 1902 by Sueyoshi Iwashimizu, who was born in the region from which this form originated. The Japanese name of this incense burner, “KURO MARU,” translates to “black circle,” referring to it’s round design and the black dot at its center.  It is cast using the same materials and techniques, as well as the vocabulary of surfaces and patinas inherent to all traditional Nanbu Tekki objects.