Valiente Sunglasses by Rue St Denis

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5.75" x 2.25" x 2"

These sunglasses are a prime example of the influence Rue St. Denis has had on fashion. Despite being N.O.S (new old stock) from the 1970s, they reflect the more recent design sensibilities of contemporary luxury brands, many of whom no doubt looked to Rue St Denis for inspiration. Rue St. Denis became a hidden yet profound influencer of the fashion industry, as both a tastemaker and an evolving resource library of forgotten brands and trends utilized by contemporary designers.

Legendary dead stock clothier Rue St. Denis was opened in 1990 by Jean-Paul Buthier and Riccardo Bonechi on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, later relocating to the East Village where it operated until closing in 2018. Rue St. Denis became highly influential for reinventing widely held conceptions of vintage as simply period costume. They pioneered new forms of style through conflating seemingly disparate and often overlooked designers, aesthetics, and moments in postwar industrially produced fashion. Buthier’s visionary, idiosyncratic approach as a garment buyer filtered through the experience created by Bonechi as the art director and public-facing proprietor of the brick and mortar store yielded a retail institution which remains unprecedented.