Mamma Andersson

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Softcover,åÊ7" x 10", 120 pages.
Swedish painter Mamma Andersson works between domestic interiors and the Nordic landscape, often layering imagery to create subtly haunting, dreamlike atmospheres. Drawing from a variety of sources‰ÛÒfrom the narrative suggestiveness of cinematic imagery to the physical space of theatrical sets‰ÛÒAndersson employs disjointed perspectives and mismatched spatial relationships to create an eerie sense of the otherworldly. Her palette is seductive yet muted, applied in both soft washes and thick brushstrokes, with blank areas sometimes left on the surface of the painting. Andersson‰۪s imagery often includes windows, reflections and depictions of other paintings, to further destabilize the spaces she paints. This volume is published on the occasion of Andersson‰۪s first one-person U.S. museum show at the Aspen Art Museum and provides a broad overview of her work.