Mark Bradford: Merchant Posters

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Hardcover,åÊ11.2" x 9", 160 pages
This book gathers for the first time an extensive selection of American artist‰ÛÓor ‰ÛÏbuilder and demolisher,‰۝ as he describes himself‰ÛÓMark Bradford‰۪s gorgeous, searing, and heavily textured ‰ÛÏmerchant posters.‰۝ The original printed posters, collected by Bradford from around his Central Los Angeles neighborhood, are brightly colored local advertisements that target the area‰۪s vulnerable lower-income residents. For Bradford, they serve as both the formal and conceptual underpinnings of his works on paper, d̩collages/collages that engage with the pressures of the cityscape. ‰ÛÏThe sheer density of advertising creates a psychic mass, an overlay that can sometimes be very tense or aggressive,‰۝ he notes. This is the first large-scale publication by a major publisher about the work of this important and increasingly influential artist.åÊ