Restless Empathy

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Softcover,åÊ7.8" x 10", 192 pages.
Restless Empathy examines the complex process of projecting into the interior world of another‰ÛÓwhether artist, viewer or object‰ÛÓand seeking to make a connection. For the accompanying exhibition, the Aspen Art Museum invited eight artists‰ÛÓAllora & Calzadilla, Pawel Althamer, Marc Bijl, Lara Favaretto, Geof Oppenheimer, Lars Ramberg, Frances Stark and Mark Wallinger‰ÛÓto propose projects sited throughout the museum and town of Aspen. While diverse in practice, these artists create and explore empathy in unexpected ways. Rather than use people as a medium, the artists in Restless Empathy make generous gestures toward the public, marked by a deep sincerity and moments of intimate surprise.åÊ